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Zero Waste Kit

$78.78 Regular price

The Zero Waste Kit contains all products needed to keep your home and body clean for a month. When you subscribe to this product we will send you 5 essential products and 1-2 limited edition products that will help you minimize your waste and live a healthier life. Check out our current kit offerings below:

Spring Seasonal Selection: inspired by the blooming florals and the new moon, this season's kit brings you playful products to bloom creativity and celebrate the awakening of plants in the spring
- Many Moons x Circular Bodies Limited Edition Tote Bag
- Spring Terrazzo Body Bar

We created a sliding scale in prices in order to make this product more accessible. 

This product includes free shipping :)

Monthly boxes get shipped on 3rd week of each month. If you subscribe to this product after the 25th of a given month, you will get your box on the following month.