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Ultimate Fast Charge Upgrade Kit | 3-Day

$109.95 Regular price $159.75

Kit Includes:

3-Day Fast Portable Charger

Sustainably made with recycled aluminum and plant-based bioplastics. Provides an iPhone 3 full charges at fastest speeds (18W PD) before needing to be recharged. Additional ports support charging AirPods or USB devices simultaneously.

    Fast USB-C to Lightning iPhone Cable

    Unlock 3X faster iPhone charging when paired with the Portable Charger or Wall Adapter. iPhone can charge 0 to 50% in 30 min. MFi (made for iPhone) certified, BPA & PVC-free. 

      Fast USB-C Wall Adapter

      When paired with the fast iPhone cable or USB-Cable, 3X faster than your standard wall charger. Charges your iPhone 0 to 50% in 30 min or your 3-Day Portable Charger in less than 2 hours. BPA & PVC-free.

        Fast USB-C Car Charger

        When paired with the fast iPhone cable, charges your iPhone 0 to 50% in 30 min. Immediately illuminates and begins charging for easy on-the-go charging. BPA & PVC-free.

        18W PD USB-C to USB-C Cable

        Charge your 3-Day Portable Charger faster by pairing with Wall Adapter. Flexible, durable, BPA & PVC-free.