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Earth Caps - Wind Turbine

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100% organic cotton • comfortable, distressed, washed • adjustable • donate $5

The Wind Turbine cap is designed to promote the usage of clean energy. The employment of dirty energy sources––the extraction of oil, gas, and coal––is extremely harmful for the earth. The burning of fossil fuels emits harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide, which pollute water systems, degrade land formations, and whose carbon emissions trap heat in the atmosphere, directly warming the globe.

For each Wind Turbine cap sold, we will donate $5 to Bondh-E-Shams, a global water charity that uses innovative renewable energy sources to provide clean water to millions of people. The $5 to Bondh E Shams translates to 2.5L of water saved per day for 20 years, which equals 10 cups of clean water every day while their project is active.