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Yalova Super Soft Marbled Towel - Black

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Black is associated with power, mystery, and strength. For us means sustainability, consciousness and fair trade.
Yalova black is a versatile Turkish towel, that will match with your bathing suit at the beach, and your outfits when used as a scarf!

Best Quality In A Sustainable Way: Our towels are ethically made from 50% recycled cotton, that makes them more durable and soft. Because the more you wash and use them, the softer they get.

Super Compact and Light: Hilana Towels fold down to nothing so you can carry them everywhere in your bag to the beach or the park... Even in your luggage if you are about to travel.

Ultra Absorbent and Fast Dry: Hilana towels will dry you quicker than a regular towel, and they will dry faster too. No more damp towels in the bathroom, no more bad smell...

Versatile: With your Hilana Towel you can go surfing, camping, traveling, backpacking, to the beach, etc. A must have that will make you say good bye to traditional towels for good!

Conscious: With one Hilana Towel, you recycle what a person recycles in 8 years. Join us Be A Change Maker

Handcrafted:  Our tassels are hand tie according to the ancient tradition

Chilean Design Made In Turkey With Love!

Measures: 71 x 40 inches / Weighs: 0.6 lb