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Stainless Steel Chardonnay Wine Glass, Set of 2

$20.00 Regular price $28.00

These unique insulated wine glasses keep your wine chilled. Thin rimmed and lightweight they are sized and shaped like a real white wine glass so they fit nicely in your hand.

  • Double walled so your wine stays chilled but your hands keep warm
  • More comfortable to hold than a bulky stainless steel cup and doesn't need a lid so you can fully enjoy the wine tasting experience
  • For enjoying wine, the thinner the rim of the glass, the better.  Our patent pending 1mm rim is as thin as fine crystal, but won't chip or break

  • Lightweight but shatterproof, you can use indoors or outside or by the pool

  • Food grade stainless steel doesn't affect taste     
  • Packaged in a high quality gift box