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2L Sling Belt (42L Backpack Waist Belt/Sling Bag)

$51.30 Regular price $114.00

TWO-IN-ONE: A Waist Belt for the 42L Backpack & Crossbody Sling Bag!?

Rad Features

Attaches to the 42L Carry-On Backpack as a waist belt with 2L of storage. Quickly disconnects & converts to a stand-alone Crossbody Sling Bag.

Reduce the constant digging for stuff like chargers, snacks, wires, passport, & AirPods.

Perfect for dreamy airplane boarding or to take out on day trips with all your essentials. Waist belts shouldn't be so basic.

  • 2L of space w/four pockets
  • Attaches to the 42L Bag to load weight equally
  • Secures around airplane tray table as a caddy for your necessities
  • Keep stuff safe w/locking YKK zippers
  • Weatherproof & Abrasion Resistant
Detailed Info

Sling Belt. Yes, we made that up.

This patent-pending backpack waist strap quickly detaches from the

42L Carry-On Backpack & converts to a sling bag.

A true 2-in-1. You know when you're trying to get to your seat & you have to stuff your pockets full of all your stuff? We thought it would make sense to just...take off the part of your bag already carrying all of your essentials and take it with you!

Here's how easy it is to transform the Hip Belt to a Sling Pack:

Unclip while boarding the plane in the aisle and clip to your body. Don’t stop traffic and quickly get to your seat.

Stay organized in your seat and stop worrying about losing something. Wraps & secures around seat tray as a caddy for all the airplane seat necessities.

Just got to your destination? You're already packed for the day - detach & head out. The hip belt is a standalone sling bag to carry stuff on your trip’s daily excursions.

  • 15 cm tall x 40 cm wide when connected in the middle
  • Weight: 9.6 oz (0.27 kg)
  • Volume: 11L
  • Zippers: YKK Weather Proof Zippers
  • Main Fabric: 300D Polyester w/TPO Coating w/Outer PU Coating
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