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Earth Caps - Rhino

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100% organic cotton • comfortable, distressed, washed • adjustable • donate $5

The Javan Rhino cap is designed to raise awareness about the endangerment of its title species. The Javan Rhino is the most endangered species of rhino, with only 58-68 rhinos remaining, all of which are located in Java, Indonesia. The species faces critical endangerment because of the degradation of its habitat (largely caused by humans and industrialization/urbanization) and the threat of natural disasters, which have increased in frequency due to the effects of Climate Change. 

With each purchase of the Javan Rhino cap, we send $5 to World Animal Protection US who proactively seeks to protect this species from extinction. The $5 might go towards feeding an endangered species for several weeks (perhaps an elephant) or could contribute to raising awareness about the cruelty of animal captivity or the harmful climate effects of mass farming.