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Pura Vida X Sundream Coffee Bundle

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We are roasting a new batch of coffee fresh as we speak! This bundle will ship Wednesday May 5th. Please note: Depending on your geographic location this may or may not make it in time for Mothers Day. Please feel free to email to confirm. 

Sip the Sunshine, Live Free.
The Pura Vida X Sundream Coffee limited edition bundle is here and ready to accompany you on your next sandy adventure! Each item in this bundle was thoughtfully designed to express the carefree lifestyle both brands embody. 

WHAT'S INSIDE: (1) Costa Rica single origin coffee; (1) custom Pura Vida X Sundream bracelet; (1) coffee & live free sticker pack; (1) sunshine & swell cotton tote.


WE TASTE: Cherry | Toffee | Cocoa

This Costa Rican single origin coffee was carefully developed to be as comforting  as it is adventurous. Put your feet in the sand with every sip and let this sweet and balanced coffee transport you straight to beachy bliss. It's underscored with a mild dark cherry and carries a warm toffee sweetness throughout, finishing with a rich decadent cocoa. This is a cup you will never forget. 

Whole Bean // 250g



ORIGIN Costa Rica
REGION Birri, Santa Barbara, Heredia
VARIETALS Red Catuai, Caturra

Costa Rica Finca Rosa Linda is sourced from a family-owned farm located near the community of Birri in Santa Bárbara within the province of Heredia, Costa Rica. Jose Antonio Garcia has owned and managed the 50-acre farm called La Mariposa for more than 30 years. Jose Antonio delivers ripe cherry directly to Café de Altura de San Ramon, which has a state-of-the-art wet-mill designed to process traceable micro-lots. The collaboration allows Jose Antonio to focus his attention and resources on farm and meticulous cherry selection. The income from the farm supports Jose Antonio, his wife and their three daughters.


This Costa Rican gem will honestly be great however you choose to brew, and it will hold up to milk nicely if you prefer. We suggest brew using a pour over method at a 16:1 water to coffee ratio. This really brings out the sweetness in the cup. But if you are waking up with the sun and hitting the road sometimes you crave the fuller body and richness that a french press provides (also with a 16:1 brewing ratio).