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Earth Caps - Penguin

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100% organic cotton • comfortable, distressed, washed • adjustable • donate $5

The Emperor Penguin cap is designed to raise awareness about the endangerment of its title species, the beloved native of the Antarctic. Emperor Penguins, the largest species of penguin and the only to breed during the winter, are facing endangerment due to the effects of Climate Change: namely, the disappearance of sea ice that they depend on because of the rising ocean temperatures. In fact, Emperor Penguin populations have declined by up to 50% across the Antarctic, and entire colonies off the Antarctic Peninsula have disappeared completely. 

$5 is donated with each purchase of this cap to Make A Change World, an organization dedicated to ridding bodies of water of plastic and working towards sustainable solutions to our global plastic problem. The $5 we send to Make A Change World go towards cleaning Indonesia's plastic-polluted waterways.