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Lee Reversible Unisex Cork Belt - Ebony Snake-Embossed

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Our Lee belt is two belts in one. With a light twist of the buckle, you have the choice of unique, sustainable cork or natural veg tan leather. With clean lines and sophisticated detailing, Lee can be worn by stylish women AND men the world over.

In other words, don’t be surprised if yours has a habit of wandering to the wrong closet. (Maybe you should get two, just in case.)


  • Luxury natural Portuguese cork "leather" for the durability of animal leather yet,  lightweight, washable and Earth friendly 
  • Natural veg-tanned leather
  • Conveniently reversible
  • Made for her or him
  • Handsome, clean-lined nickel 1 3/8” belt buckle
  • Handcrafted in Connecticut, USA
  • Fit: S belts fit waist/hip measurements 30-36”, M belts fit waist/hip measurements 34-40"and L belts fit waist/hip measurements 38-44" Note: Belt sizing is usually 2-3" larger than the pant size. For instance, if a size 34 pant is worn, a 34-40" belt should be the best fit. 


My Uncle Lee was a frog jumper. And not only the best frog jumper in Calaveras County, but the best in the world. The record holder, in fact. He was also a best friend, father, husband, helper, teacher, cheese connoisseur and lover of all things life had to offer. Especially his own homemade wine. This belt, styled after the one he wore that read “Lee the Frogger”, is in honor of him.