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Earth Caps - Sea Turtle

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100% recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton • comfortable, soft, washed • adjustable • donate $5 

The Sea Turtle Cap, made from recycled plastic bottles, is our most eco-friendly product to date, and is meant to promote innovative sustainability. The world is being destroyed by unsustainable practices, and there is limited time left to prevent irreversible damage from climate change. Everyone needs to start finding ways to live without harming the Earth and using up the finite resources. This cap repurposes plastic waste, preventing the toxic plastic from polluting the ocean and sea life. Research suggests that 52% of sea turtles have eaten plastic, and at least 1,000 turtles die from being entangled in plastic waste each year. Nearly all sea turtle species are now endangered.

For each Sea Turtle hat sold, we will donate $5 to the Cape Eleuthera Foundation, an organization that funds the programs of the Cape Eleuthera Island School with the mission of leadership effecting change through education, research and sustainability. The $5 we send to the Cape Eleuthera Foundation will help fund ongoing research and sustainability initiatives at The Island School, including a sea turtle research program.