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Custom WALLY Wall Charger

$59.95 Regular price

Superior Safety

Rigorously tested and certified against the highest safety standards to prevent overcharging and overheating for the most reliable charging experience you can trust.

High-Speed Charging

Designed with 65W Power Delivery to fast charge a MacBook or split the power to charge one device at 45W and a second at 18W.

GaN Technology

Most chargers today use silicon transistors to transmit power. Gallium nitride (or GaN) is different. It transfers more power--faster--using less energy. By reducing heat, GaN lets critical components work closer together, creating a smaller, safer product that lasts longer.

REPLAY™ Certified Recycled Plastic

Housed in 72.5% post-consumer plastic to further reduce total footprint by -7.50 lbs of CO2 compared to available portable charger alternatives.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Made from recycled paper. Biodegradable. Zero harmful inks or dyes.

One-for-One Tech Recovery Project

Every product includes a recycled plastic bag so you can responsibly recycle your old tech for free, helping close the loop on electronic waste.

2-Year Warranty

All Nimble products are built to last for years to come and protected by our 24-month guarantee..