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Earth Caps - Coral

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100% organic cotton • comfortable, distressed, washed • adjustable • donate $5

The Coral Reef cap is designed to raise awareness about the endangerment of coral, a marine invertebrate that populates the ocean floor and is home to thousands of marine species. Currently, coral reef populations are experiencing mass bleaching––the process through which the coral becomes barren as a result of rising water temperatures––causing them to become unable to host the thousands of marine species that call them home. The endangerment of coral populations has serious and widespread effects on ocean ecosystems, and is directly caused by global warming: namely, warmer ocean temperatures, rising sea levels, the melting of the Poles, and ocean acidification. 

For each Coral Reef cap sold, we donate $5 to Lonely Whale, an organization dedicated to the cleanup of our oceans and the protection of aquatic creatures across the globe. The $5 we send to Lonely Whale go towards educating future generations on the gravity of global warming.