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Custom WALLY Pro Portable Wall Charger

$99.95 Regular price

Charge from the Wall

Plug it in. Charge a Macbook or USB-C powered laptop at full 60W speed - or split the charge between both ports for 45W & 18W fast charging.

Charge On-The-Go

No outlet? No problem. Includes a 10,000 mAh battery which self-charges while plugged in, so it’s never out of juice. Just take it with you. Power anything up to 30W on-the-go! Fewer things to carry means fewer things to forget.

Super-Speed GaN Technology

Most chargers today use silicon transistors to conduct electricity. GaN is different.

Gallium nitride (or GaN) transfers more power--faster--using less energy. By reducing heat, GaN lets components work closer together. This creates a smaller, safer product that lasts longer.

63W PD Fast Charging

The WALLY Pro doesn't sacrifice power for portability. It is capable of an incredible 63W of power from the wall outlet or 36W of power as a battery. Capable of charging laptops, tablets, smartphones and more, it's the only power supply you’ll ever need to carry.


The WALLY Pro is an ultra-compact all-in-one solution. Leveraging next-gen GaN technology and high-density power cells, the Wally Pro is up to 50% smaller than a traditional wall adapter and 10,000 mAh battery.

Reduce Your Carbon

If being the ultimate charger isn’t enough...

Built with 72.5% certified recycled plastic. Shipped carbon neutral in plastic-free packaging. Includes free e-waste recycling. 

WALLY Pro is designed with a lower footprint. About 8.42 lbs less CO2 compared to alternative chargers.

Charge with Peace of Mind

Guaranteed by our 2-Year Warranty. 

BPA & PVC-free for a healthier home and environment.