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Copper Wok 14.5"

$447.00 Regular price

Turn the most humble dish into an elegant dining experience.

Our 14.5” copper wok is perfect for big servings and festive gatherings. Made from hand-hammered copper by our skilled artisans, each wok is guaranteed to serve you for years.

This spacious wok features a double-layered tin interior. Applied by hand, each layer protects your wok from wear and tear while keeping food at a stable flavor.

Riveted onto the sides of the wok, cast bronze handles give you a reliable means to maneuver while cooking. Flip and toss stir-fries with ease and without worry. Whatever you’re making, this copper wok is bound to make it a delight.

Technical information

COPPER: 2 mm 

TEXTURE: Hammered - polished


INTERIOR: Double layer of tin for extra durability 

RIVETS: Copper