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All Day Tote

$395.00 Regular price

SUBSTANTIAL | HEARTY | READY.  Art meets practicality in the All Day Tote – the centerpiece of our Together Collection.  With two large hand woven panels that release into a shoulder bag, expand into an over the arm bag, or fold into a handheld bag, the All Day Tote truly is the best companion for what a woman needs everyday.

With at least four ways to style this tote, you can play with the bag's silhouette, by expanding or contracting the size, allowing you to adjust it according to the occasion. Its functionality and versatility are second only to the meticulous and beautiful design. The frame is made from thick, rich leather sourced in Mexico from one of the world’s most ethical tanneries. The woven panels are born from leather made in Haiti and are soft and buttery to the touch.

Put everything you need inside to take you through your day. From a change of shoes and laptop, to a light lunch and makeup and heels for later. There are 4 ways to style the bag to expand or contract the size.

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