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Copper Saute Pan 5.5 qt w Flower Lid

$595.00 Regular price

Add a touch of refinement to your cooking routine.

This dashing 5.5 quarts Saute Pan is part of the Amoretti Brothers signature “Flower”. A finely wrought piece of copper cookware, it features a flower handle design at the top of the lid that elevates this functional piece to a work of art. Hand-hammered by our master coppersmiths, this high capacity sautes pan combines the best of Mexican craftsmanship and Italian design.

Cast bronze handles provide you with a convenient and reliable way to move your pan from the flame to the table. Each handle is riveted onto the body of the pan, ensuring you have a reliable handle for years to come.

Our copper cookware features a double-layer tin lining. Applied carefully by hand throughout the interior, our protective coating ensures you get the most uses out of your “Flower” saute pan.

Diameter: 12.6"